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Startup Ideas from Tai Lopez on My First Million Podcast 💵

The latest startup ideas Sam and Shaan discussed with Tai Lopez on the August 21, 2020 episode with time stamps and links


Wes Kimbell

Aug 25 2020

1 min read


Hey guys, so the latest podcast episode guest starred Tai Lopez. This was mainly an interview with Tai on what he’s up to, his history and what he thinks of his critics. They also discussed a couple of start up ideas I’ve listed below. Enjoy!

57:50 Food: Opportunity for entrepreneurs to sell food

  • Could start a small urban farm delivering health food to people like Imperfect Foods. Sam says between Imperfect Foods and another company like it, they are doing $50-$100M in sales

58:55 Simple things like building houses and construction businesses (Tai calls them “boring things)

  • Things that people really need: Food & shelter
  • Stay away from hospitality and travel businesses due to COVID
  • Get a service business going and get a CEO to run it and rake in the cash flow
  • Tai says build things that last
  • Companies selling a “home-based” good or service will do great. We are in a home body economy now
  • Start at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • More and more people want things done for them. Who takes time to learn how to fix their refrigerator? No one, so start an appliance repair business!
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