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🏦 Credit Union for Startups, Remote Happy Hours, Negotiations Platform and more...

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Wes Kimbell

Mar 17 2021

4 mins read


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Startup Roundup for March 17, 2021 🔥

4 timely startup ideas in 2.8 super short minutes…

🤝 #1 Platform to Practice Negotiations: helps you practice interviewing with actual Facebook, Google, and other engineers. What if there were a similar platform but for practicing negotiations instead of interviews? There’s a lot of books and tactics on how to negotiate but no place for practicing. The business could be a simple zoom link that matches people together to practice negotiating different scenarios like salary negotiations, M&A, or a car purchase.

🍸 #2 Remote Happy Hour: As many of us are now working from home, happy hours are nearly a thing of the past. What if someone created a service that organized happy hour type events for company employees? That way teams could connect on a more personal level. You could send each employee cocktail kits or other alcoholic beverages. For those who want to stay dry, you could come up with activities or games that don't require alcohol, like classes on how to bake a cake or online board games. You would provide an agenda that would include group talking points, ice breaker questions, games, etc. It might work as a monthly subscription service. I would tend to charge a high price since companies will be paying, not employees.

💸 #3 Upsell plugin that cross-promotes other ecomm store products: We know upsells work to significantly increase revenue for online stores. After the customer completes the buy process (and has entered credit card details) they are much more likely to buy more if presented the option right after checkout. All they have to do is click the "purchase" button and no need to re-enter CC details. What if different ecomm stores teamed up and cross-promoted upsell items to each other's stores? For example, if I ran an ecomm store selling watches, I could team up with a store selling necklaces. When a customer checked out from my store, they would be presented with an option to buy a discounted necklace sourced from another ecomm store. If my customer purchased the necklace I would get a significant percent of the sale. This would allow the necklace store to be exposed to my clients. My watches would also be presented to customers of the necklace store, increasing my store’s exposure to new customers. 

🏦 #4 Online credit union for startups: Startup & online banks are starting to become popular in the entrepreneur community with banks such as Mercury exploding in popularity. It makes banking easy and fully online (no more waiting in lines). But did you know credit unions are less likely to go bankrupt than traditional banks? In fact, the rate of failure for traditional banks was many times higher than credit unions during the 2008 Great Financial Crisis. Credit unions are not-for-profit and are usually organized around members of the community (customers) but they tend to be old school. I think there is an opportunity to create an online credit union specifically for startups or the entrepreneur community.


Based on subscriber feedback, I’d like you guys to start voting on your favorite startup idea of the week. I will start compiling the winning ideas and send them out in a separate email.

Which startup idea do you like best?

Simply comment with your favorite startup idea (#1, #2, #3, or #4) in the comment section below…

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