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💵 Presale-as-a-Service, Virtual Geeksquad, Finding Influencers Who Use Your Product & more

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Wes Kimbell

Mar 09 2021

3 mins read


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Startup Roundup for March 9, 2021 🔥

4 timely startup ideas in 2.5 super short minutes…

💵 Presale-as-a-Service (Source: It’s fairly common knowledge these days that the best product does not always win. Those who can spend the most money win. I see so many founders who have a great product but don’t know the first thing about marketing to their customer base. What if someone unbundled Kickstarter / Go Fund Me and targeted specific niches? Or you could create a marketing service specifically geared to creators / founders / startups and helping them get their first sales. This would essentially be a marketing agency, just geared towards presales.

🤓 Virtual Geek Sqaud / Tech support for parents (Source: & Product Ideas podcast): We have all been there. You get a call from your mom or dad to help them fix/setup some technology issue with their phone, computer, smart tv, or whatever. Although we don't mind helping every once in a while, it starts to take some serious time. I would gladly pay a monthly fee for a service that helps them instead of me. Someone should create a virtual Geek Squad. With more and more baby boomers retiring I think this idea will stick.

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📸 Find Influencers Who Are Customers (Source: Kevin O’rourke): Influencer marketing has become a prime channel to drive sales to your product or service. This applies to not just big name influencers but even micro influencers with only a few hundred (loyal) fans. The challenge is finding influencers that not only will work with you but genuinely love your products and want to work with you. The best way to solve this problem is to work with influencers who’ve already bought your products without any prompting. Can someone create a service/product that allows companies to find any current customers who happen to be influencers? That way the company can reach out to them for a promo deal. Or you could reach out on your customer’s behalf (and charge a fee of course).

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Cohort Online Courses (Source Ryan Gum Growth at Teachable): In the past, pre-recorded video and asynchronous learning was the gold standard. But now you have a chance to get ahead of the curve by creating courses that include group-interaction, collaboration, and are all in real time. When people explore the same concepts together, and take part in the same activities, at the same time, something special happens. Check out Ryan’s Twitter Thread to learn more.

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