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🥕 Virtual Farmers Market, Entrepreneur Coding School, and two more ideas...

Here's this week's roundup of the best business ideas from around the web so you don't have to search.


Wes Kimbell

Mar 02 2021

3 mins read


Hey! This is Wes with Everyday Startup. I scour the web bringing you the best startup & business ideas from the most reliable & timely sources around. Welcome aboard.

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Startup Roundup for March 2, 2021 🔥

4 timely startup ideas in 2.7 super short minutes…

💾 Entrepreneur Coding School (Source: Indie Hackers, Courtland Allen): For those of us who want to start a business, it can be a challenge not knowing how to code. And it just doesn’t make sense to go down the path of learning to become a full fledged programer. But what if you could specifically learn only the basic coding you would need to create an MVP product and save a bunch of time? Someone should create an online Entrepreneur Coding School. “Then you’ve got a coding school with built-in motivation for the students and a real connection to profitability,” according to Courtland. “Learn to code while starting a business and you’ll not only learn the coding skills you need, you’ll have instant meaningful projects on which to practice your coding skills.”

💡 Sell database of product ideas that are struggling but have clear upside potential (Source: Product Ideas podcast, Kevin O’rourke): There’s a lot of products out there (SaaS, Chrome extensions, apps) that have a ton of reviewers but really low review scores. This means there is high demand for the product, but the quality is low…ripe for a good operator to clone or acquire and improve. Someone should locate these products and sell the list/database to entrepreneurs looking for their next business idea.

🧑‍🌾 FBN for X (Source: Elaine Zelby): Farmer's Business Network (FBN) is a community where farmers provide data about the seeds they plant and performance in exchange for getting access to the data provided by other farmers in the network in order to reduce costs, and maximize the value of crops. Elaine points out that what's fascinating is that farmers willingly give away their IP for free. Could you apply this model to other areas? What about Saas pricing models or even personal finance? It would be super interesting to see how successful people are investing their money.

🥕 Virtual Farmers Market (Source: My First Million FB Group): Going online is the trend of the decade due to the pandemic lockdowns and the Work From Home meta trend. Why aren’t farmer markets joining in on the action? Someone could create a service that helps farmers markets get online. There are platforms like Hopin that could easily be applied to a virtual farmer market. If you are ambitious you could not only tackle your local market but the whole nation. You could keep the traditional pricing model which is charging per vendor booth (and ad revenues) or you could try to charge a percentage of total sales of each farmer market event (this would be an easier sell).

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