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📝 Lambda School for EAs, dynamic pricing widget, influencer marketplace for LinkedIn and more...

Here's this week's roundup of the best business ideas from around the web


Wes Kimbell

Feb 23 2021

3 mins read


Hey! This is Wes with Everyday Startup. I scour the web bringing you the best curated startup ideas from the most reliable & timely sources around. Welcome aboard.

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Startup Roundup for Feb 16, 2021 🔥

4 timely startup ideas in 2.5 super short minutes…

📝 Lambda School for Executive Assistants (Source: My First Million podcast #151, Shaan Puri): Executive Assistants (EAs) earn a significant amount of money. There's clear training EAs need to know to be good at what they do. What if you created a school that teaches people how to be an EA and use the Lambda School's ISA (income share agreement) where the student's don't pay you until you get a job and only then do you share a small percentage of your revenue?

👨‍💼 ‘Shadow a CEO’ service (Source: My First Million #151, Trevor McKendrick): Wouldn't it be great if you could shadow successful people and see their strategies on daily activities like how they negotiate, how they compose emails, how they brainstorm, how they make decisions, etc? What if someone started a platform that allows groups of people to "look over the shoulder" of CEOs? One problem you'd need to solve is how do you make it worth it for the CEOs? Oftentimes CEOs are not driven by money but instead are driven by legacy. Masterclass appeals to the preservation of these peoples legacy. Maybe you could work it the same way for this idea. Or maybe they are driven by money and you would offer a profit sharing agreement with CEOs who agree to participate?

💻 Influencer marketplace for LinkedIn (Source: Product Ideas podcast #6, Luke Cannon): LinkedIn is an up and coming influencer platform which creates opportunity for those who can pounce on it ahead of time. People like Taylor Offer and others have monetized themselves on LinkedIn by reaching out to brands and land deals simply by cold emailing. What if someone streamlined this process by creating an influencer marketplace for LinkedIn that connects influencers with companies? The platform could monetize by taking a share of ad costs or even a simple monthly fee to be listed on the marketplace.

💸 E-Commerce dynamic pricing widget (Source: Product Ideas podcast #7, Akinhwan): Current e-commerce pricing practices includes a fixed price for a set amount of features (for a SaaS product, for example). What if someone created a dynamic pricing widget that e-commerce sellers could put on their website that allowed consumers to pick and choose which features they want which corresponds to a unique price for the product? This would take the guess work out of the equation for sellers trying to price their product by letting the consumer decide.

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