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Wes Kimbell

Feb 16 2021

3 mins read


This week I’m giving away two Clubhouse invites. The first person and the 10th person who shares Everyday Startup on Twitter and tags me (@weskimbell) wins! P.S. this also really helps me spread the word which I’m super thankful for!!!

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Startup Roundup for Feb 16, 2021 🔥

4 timely startup ideas in 2.4 super short minutes…

🍔 Shopify for Restaurants (Source: Wes Kimbell): The pandemic has forced many restaurants out of business due to government mandated capacity limits and sometimes complete closures. The surviving businesses adapted, offering online ordering and delivering of food. This has brought a major challenge to traditional restaurants owned by less technology advanced folks. What if someone created a Shopify for Restaurants to streamline the whole process of brining restaurants online? It would be one-stop-shop for a website, online menu, ordering, payments and delivery.

📈 Robinhood for Foreign Investing (Source: Elaine Zelby): Robinhood is a trading app that successfully brought in new stock traders in their 20s and 30s where other trading platforms like E-Trade and Schwab could not. Robinhood's user base grew dramatically since the pandemic and the Gamestop / Wall Street Bets drama. As Elaine explains, Robinhood was able to "successfully simplify and democratize access to investing, but their portfolio is limited to stocks or ETFs listed on US exchanges and some cryptocurrencies." What if someone created a Robinhood geared to international stock markets and other foreign investing? Interactive Brokers could be a model to work from, much how Robinhood attracted younger folks to investing but on an international landscape. 

⚖️ Legal as a Service (for micro acquisitions) (Source: Andrew Gazdecki & Wes Kimbell): Typically, entity acquisitions takes a lot of legal work and a lot of money. The bigger the deal, the bigger the expense. But what if you are doing a “micro acquisition” and you don’t want to invest a large chunk of money since the deal size is tiny? Someone could streamline this process. It would include legal document creation specifically for micro acquisitions: Letter of intent, NDAs, non-competes, purchase agreements, existing team contacts, new corp creation, etc. Lots of this is standardized for investing. So, why not for acquisitions too?

🌳 Treehouse for No-Code (Source: Wes Kimbell): What if someone created an online course academy that teaches popular no code platforms? Forget about full coding languages which takes considerable time and effort (and money). People could use their newfound knowledge to build apps for themselves or even better you could train students on no-code so they could get jobs at agencies. Maybe you could implement an income share agreement (ISA) where you don’t get paid until your students get paid (either by a job or by a project for their future customers).

That’s it for this week! I would really appreciate if you shared Everyday Startup on Twitter. The first person and the 10th person who shares Everyday Startup on Twitter and tags me (@weskimbell) wins a Clubhouse invite…

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