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💬 Clubhouse for teams, Substack for paid communities, Everything Bundle for OnlyFans, and 3 more ideas


Wes Kimbell

Feb 09 2021

3 mins read


Hey! This is Wes with Everyday Startup. I scour the web bringing you the best curated startup ideas from the most reliable & timely sources around. Welcome aboard.

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🤝 Substack for paid communities (Source: My First Million podcast #150, @jason): Instead of trying to build the community, build the tools to grow the community like a Substack made for communities. This could be a special service that builds a quick splash page that describes the community and encourages them to join as well as implement a payment system. You want it to work with all paid communities (FB, Slack, Clubhouse, etc).

👧 Everything Bundle for OnlyFans Creators (Source: A small group of newsletter writers joined forces and created The Everything Bundle, giving subscribers access to a group of newsletters for one low price. If readers were to subscribe to each of these newsletters separately, it would cost significantly higher. Why not apply this bundle model to OnlyFans creators? As the supply of OnlyFans creators explodes, the risk of being drowned out increases. Partnering with other creators gives you a higher chance of success. If you are not an OnlyFan creator and want to profit off this idea, you could try reaching out to creators and creating the bundle yourself and charge a small percentage of total revenue.

💬 Clubhouse for business teams (Source: My First Million podcast #149, @immad): As more and more companies employ remote workers, there's a big need to connect them together in a more meaningful way than traditional tools like Zoom and Teams which are cumbersome and not personal. What if someone created a 'Clubhouse for business', connecting teams together in a meaningful, 'water cooler' way?

🛍️ Micro-Marketplaces (Source: Online marketplaces are notorious for being extremely challenge to start. After all, you have to not only get customers (demand) but you also have to create the supply (users). Give yourself a break and niche down a lot! For example: Notion Everything = Notion Templates, Studiotime = Music Studios, The Quiver = Surfboards, MicroAcquire = SaaS Businesses, PierShare = Boat Docks, Stackraft = Remote Engineer jobs. I think you get the idea.

💣 Exploding subreddits you can turn into a standalone platform (Source: Product Ideas newsletter): This idea is part of what we might call the ‘unbundling of Reddit’ meta trend. Look for a subreddit that is exploding (using and also interests you. Become active in the subreddit and make a name for yourself. Eventually, after mostly giving to the group, ask them if a standalone platform would be helpful. If you get a positive response, go build it!

✉️ Automated process to interact with most active subscribers (Source: Product Ideas podcast #9, @KeevinOrourke): To engage with your most active subscribers (highest open rates) you have to go through your list, identify subscribers who open the most emails, reach out to all of them and work out a time when you are both available to meet up. This doesn't account for the time following up when they don’t answer the phone / email. What if there was a tool that can automate all this? Ideally some sort of plugin to popular email platforms like Mailchimp, Substack, etc.

Well, that’s it for this issue!

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