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📱Substack for texting, side hustle-in-a-box, Calendly for procrastinators and two more ideas...

Here's this week's summary of the best startup ideas from around the web including Twitter, My First Million podcast, and more...


Wes Kimbell

Feb 02 2021

4 mins read


Hey! This is Wes with Everyday Startup. I scour the web bringing you the best curated startup ideas from the most reliable & timely sources around. Welcome aboard.

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📰 Ad network for newsletters (Source: My First Million podcast #149, @immad): The advent of newsletter creation platforms (think Substack & Ghost) has resulted in an explosion in independent newsletter writers. What services or products could be created to pounce on the newsletter trend? How about creating a newsletter specific ad network? Substack has vowed to never implement ads in their platform. Is Substack creating opportunity here?

📱 Substack for texting (Source: Product Ideas podcast #9, Kevin O’rourke): Speaking of newsletters, the open rate for text messages is extremely high. What if someone created a platform that allows influencers & newsletter writers to send out texts to their subscribers? This would look different than sending out coupon code CTAs to buy their product. Instead, you would send out value.

🌟 Product review website worth millions (Source: Consumer Reports started the product review category 85 years ago. Now things are different with the advent of the internet and Google. Anybody can start a review website. Many companies are pulling in millions of dollars a year. For example, BestReviews (a popular review website) was sold for $160m. There’s plenty of opportunity to unbundle the product review industry and claim your piece of the pie. The more niche you go the better.

🏃‍♀️ Side hustle in a box (Source: Everyday Startup): Side hustles have exploded throughout the US and the world. Books have been written, communities started, and online courses created all on how to start a side hustle. What if you could target the side hustle market by doing it for them instead of teaching them? Call it a side-hustle-in-a-box. Many people daydream of one day starting a hustle that allows them quit their day job. This idea allows you to take advantage of their emotional state. And it just so happens this is the best way to sell because people buy on emotion and justify with logic.

✉️ Email handle for side projects (Source: Product Ideas podcast #9, Kevin O’Rouorke): Have you ever started a side project and needed a professional looking email address but didn’t want to commit to setting up a new email address? After all, it’s too early to tell if these side projects will succeed or not. Someone should create a service that allows you to use your personal email account to write an email and select the inbox you'd like to send from. People will only see your project email address and you can keep your personal email private. SideMail looks like it attempted this but the company does not appear to be active. If you want to bootstrap the thing (and don’t want to create an actual program) you could simply provide a service where you manually create the email address, mark up the cost, and sell it to your customers (on subscription!). If it catches on you could hire a coder to make the platform for you.

📅 Calendly for procrastinators (Source: Product Ideas podcast #16, Jakob Greenfield): Instead of dealing with the hassle of figuring out and scheduling a Zoom call with someone, why not add each other to a queue? When you mark yourself as available, anyone in your queue can request an immediate meeting. created something like this but is limited to just phone calls and there’s no script that asks you at suitable times if you want to join the meeting right now.

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