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🎁 Gifting-as-a-Service, Indie Hackers for OnlyFans, & 4 more ideas...

This issue features the best ideas from My First Million podcast, Elaine Zelby, and Twitter


Wes Kimbell

Jan 19 2021

4 mins read


Happy Tuesday, guys! I changed the format of the newsletter a bit to make room for new sources of highly reliable startup ideas. Don’t worry, I still feature MFM podcast ideas. 😏 I hope you like it…

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🤩 Indie Hackers for OnlyFans (Source: Courtland Allen): Courtland, Founder of Indie Hackers, tweeted this idea and gave a five pointer: 1) Interview top OF creators about how they grew their accounts. 2) Add OF affiliate links (the referral program is insane, 5% of lifetime earnings!). 3) Share on sex worker Twitter (yes that’s a thing). 4) Repurpose interviews for SEO-targeted articles. 5) Make $$$.

🏃🏿‍♂️ Platform for managing college athlete monetization (Source: My First Million #145): Currently all states in the US have banned college athletes from profiting from their name and likeness, except California. Unless they are in California, college atheletes can't sell merchandise, autographs, or anything else that reflects their name or likeness. Other states will likely follow suit. But there will be rules, reporting and red tape requirements. Someone can make a platform to help athletes comply to avoid criminal activity. Athletes will need a platform for all the documentation and record keeping. For example, athletes with a Patreon account or Only Fans account will have to report their earnings so why not make an app that integrates with these platforms?

📱 Social media platform that shares equity with creators (Source: My First Million #145): Social media platforms are dadgum hard to start. What could give you an edge? Sharing equity with influencers (or at least giving a higher profit share from ad revenues than current platforms). You might only need a few big influencers to push the platform for you. After all, the top influencers make up the vast majority of the revenues for the current platforms.

🎁 Gifting-as-a-Service (Source: Elain Zelby): Create a platform that acts as a personal CRM and a sending/gifting service. The app would have access to your calendar looking for trigger events and send you a notification asking if you’d like to send a gift. For example, “Next week is Samantha’s birthday, send her a card and gift?” You could select yes, set your price and tap on the gift from a list of curated selections. This would all be tracked and documented in your personal CRM,” says Elain.

👃 Non-toxic smelling salts (Source: My First Million #144): Boxers use smelling salts to get hyped for the match and football players are starting to use it. The problem is they are somewhat toxic because they contain chemicals like ammonia. What about a non-toxic smelling salt? Sell to pre-workout crowd (this supplement category is huge). Also, pitch to productivity nerds and people that work at desks. Some players in the game are Atomic Rhino, Asylum, and Nose Torque. Shaan is working with someone on this project.

🛍️ Micro-marketplaces (Source: #0034): Build a marketplace that focuses on a niche. This will lead to a better experience for buyers and sellers and is a whole lot easier to start. Examples of micro-marketplaces include Notion Everything ( templates), Sutdiotime (music studios), The Quiver (surfboard rentals), PierShare (Boat docks), Stackraft (Remote engineering jobs). No-code makes barrier to entry lower.

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