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😈 Stripe for vices, Yelp for individuals, Negotiation-as-a-Service & more...

Here's this week's list of startup ideas from the best sources around the web including My First Million, and Twitter


Wes Kimbell

Jan 26 2021

5 mins read


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9 timely startup ideas in 5 short minutes…

🗂️ Yelp for individuals (reputation database) (Source: Luke Cannon & My First Million #146): What if people had reputations like businesses do on Yelp? If you are an Uber driver (or other gig worker) with a 5 star rating and you need to change jobs, currently you can’t take your rating with you because it’s owned by Uber. If you had a personal Yelp style rating page, you could take it with you to other jobs. Or even better, if you are a landlord evaluating a new potential tenant, you can see the applicant's reputation score. But be careful! This could become similar to China's ‘Social Credit’ system where the government has barred millions of Chinese from travel for ‘social credit’ offenses.

✌️ Decentralized social media for politics (Source: Mark Hendrickson at MFM FB Group): What if we had a decentralized social media platform for politicians to campaign and be able to interact directly with their registered voting constituents? The platform could host AMA style live streams Polls on important issues. No more "main stream media" or "big tech" middleman excuses.

🗞️ Newsletter-as-a-Service (Source: The Business Inquirer FB group): There are certain digital assets every newsletter publisher needs: name, logo, tech stack, & marketing. What if someone created a service or agency that specifically works with makers wanting to start a newsletter? You could create a $500 package, for example, which takes care of all this so the writer could focus on creating content.

😴 $10m sleep app backed by influencers (Source: My First Million #145): Sleep apps have high retention like Calm, valued at around $1 billion. New apps will struggle to acquire users due to the saturated market. But what if you partner with an influencer? You could buy one of the struggling sleep apps (there’s a bundle out there) for cheap and use the influencer to market the heck out of it. Shaan Puri thinks this is a $10 million per year business.

📚 Turn popular books into online courses (Source: Aswin John on Product Ideas Podcast #5): We all read books but do we actually apply the lessons we learn to our lives? Someone should break down popular business or self help books and create a course around them. You could drip the content by chapter or lesson over time so students have enough time to implement each lesson. You could also add cohorts (organizing with weekly discussions). Sorta like a “book club” with a curriculum. To encourage participation, you could even add the element where users pay a large fee and if you show up every week you get a percentage of the fee back and if you show up the full time you get ALL your money back. The value you are providing is not knowledge but application and execution. Something very much lacking today.

😈 Stripe for vices (Source: Suli Ali on My First Million #146): Stripe, PayPal, and other money transaction companies do not allow customers to sell "vices". There is a ton of money in vices including porn, drugs, weapons, etc. What if someone created a money transaction company specifically for vices?

🏢 Publicly available org chart (Source: Suli Ali on My First Million #146): This tool would help people find the right contact at a specific company. Job titles don't really describe if it's the person we need to talk to. Having a publicly available org chart would really help prospectors, or any business person. is an example of this idea in action.

🤝 Negotiation as a Service (Source: @KeevinOrourke Issue #13): Negotiating is really not fun for a lot of people. A recent study showed that only 46% of men negotiated their salary, and only 34% of women did the same. Most of us are leaving a lot of money on the table. Businesses could save anywhere from 15-25% on software, office supplies, or their leases by just negotiating for a lower bill - according to Buyer. What if someone created a service that offered an on-demand negotiator that you can ask for advice, or even outsource the negotiation all to them?

🔓 Unbundling LinkedIn (Source: In Bed with Social Marie Dollé): The more LinkedIn’s user base grows the more unbundling the platform makes sense. How could you niche down to a more specific business related topic and spin off another platform? How about going industry specific like copywriters? Or geography specific like your city or state? Or forget geography and be “non-geography” specific like digital nomads.

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