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Airbnb of printing, SaaS for admin niches, Biz-in-a-box for influencers & more...

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Wes Kimbell

Jan 12 2021

5 mins read


Happy Tuesday, everyone! Last week was crazy but hopefully this edition will take your mind off all the insanity...Everyday Startup is a weekly newsletter all about bootstrappable startup ideas and trends. 💎 You’re only one idea away! 

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This edition includes:

  • Airbnb of printing
  • SaaS niches in administration services
  • Crowd sources user testing plugin
  • Homeschooling SaaS opportunties
  • Mint millions by selling to influencers
  • Biz-in-a-box SaaS for influencers diving into business
  • Improved Amazon review website

Airbnb of printing

(Source: My First Million podcast #142)

If you don’t have a printer capable of printing what you need, typically people go to Kinkos or FedEx Office. This could be posters, high-quality brochures, even screen printed t-shirts, etc.

What if there was an app that connected people who have printer equipment at their homes with people who need something printed? This would be similar to the Airbnb of printing. Maybe you could even include 3D printers?


SaaS products to manage trust funds (and other admin services)

(Source: My First Million podcast #143)

Stripe Atlas provides company formation as a service. Clerky helps startups with legal paperwork as a service. First Base claims to be the service to launch your startup in an all-in-one platform. Generally, these companies charge between $300-$1000 for their service.

There are likely opportunities to start other administration services in different verticals that are more niche. An example would be managing trust funds (trust fund administration). Since you are servicing a niche, it’s likely you could charge higher prices as well as get your foot in the door quicker by serving a very specific audience.


Crowd sourced user testing plugin

(Source: My First Million podcast #142)

When creating all aspects of a website (or other digital asset), from the hero title, images, copywriting, colors, call-to-action buttons, etc. user feedback is critical to understanding if your website is converting well. Oftentimes, a website is created based on the creator’s limited knowledge. This means creators are typically taking a guess at what converts best.

What if there was a service that could crowd source users in your demographic to literally go to your website (or other digital asset) and give feedback; i.e. what’s confusing, what’s good, what converts, and what doesn’t, etc? You could create a simple browser extension users (testers) could install to perform the tests and get a small reward like cash in return. Sam Parr believes this is a multi billion dollar space. A company called is doing this specifically for copywriting. UserVoice is another company in this space geared towards growing SaaS companies. What other crowd source user testing markets are needed in the market today? How about e-commerce DTC products? You could even send out free samples to testers to get their reactions. What about doing this for creator’s content like Youtube videos before releasing them?


SaaS for home schooling

(Source: My First Million podcast #143)

Homeschooling was an increasing trend even before the pandemic with an estimated 3-4% of children participating, according to Shaan. Now that we have been in a pandemic for almost a year, Shaan estimates this number has doubled. What SaaS products are serving the homeschooling meta trend and where can we find an opportunity?

Primer is a software that helps homeschoolers with non-traditional learning like coding video games, writing books, and exploring nature. But what about creating a SaaS product focused on more basic needs of homeschoolers like attendance, report cards, grading, tests generators, administrators (that can run a program for you)? Another idea is a marketplace for homeschooling teachers. Ideas abound in this space.


Mint millions by selling to influencers

(Source: My First Million podcast #143)

Influencers like Emma Chamberlain (with nearly 10 million subscribers) are starting to find creative ways to monetize their audience. Emma started Chamberlain Coffee. There’s a ton of influencers out there with enough followers to make some serious money selling products to their fans.

What if you created a ‘business in a box’ SaaS service specifically for influencers to monetize their audiences? This could be anything from selling coffee, specialized candy, sunscreen, socks, etc. You would do all the work and they would promote it. You could then take a percentage of sales. Once you find a good model you could duplicate this with other influencers.


Improved Amazon review website

(Source: The Business Inquirer FB Group)

Roman Beylin is frustrated with sorting product reviews on Amazon. The problem is, if you sort by highest rating you may end up with a list of products with only 60% of reviews that are 3+ stars. This makes it difficult to quickly judge the worthiness of a product before you buy it. As Roman put it, “I want to see products which have the most ratings AND see the ratio of 3+ star reviews.” What if someone created an independent database of Amazon products sorted by highest number of reviews and highest star rating? Would it be possible to create a bot that scrapes reviews from all the products in Amazon? Could this be a ‘make it and forget it’ product that brings in ad revenue while you sleep?

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