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Startup Ideas Recap & Special Request 🙏

All the startup ideas from My First Million Podcast 💵 Episode #111


Wes Kimbell

Sep 16 2020

2 mins read


Hey guys,

This episodes of MFM was SUPER low on ideas this time. Most of this episode was about Sam’s health issues (he recently found out he probably has Lyme disease) and other random business stuff. Anyway, hope you enjoy this episodes recap…

Also, I have a special request at the end of this issue…please help! 🙏

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29:30 Niche grocery store targeting certain cultures

  • Certain people like to shop at special grocery stores targeted to their own culture or culture they like
  • i.e Sayweee is an Asian grocery delivery company
  • Saywee had revenue of $16MM in 2018, 2019 they expected $40MM, and 7x revenue from the expected $40MM.
  • They have only 7 locations in the US
  • These small niche grocery stores have an advantage in that they are not competing with the big guys like Whole Foods, HEB, Kroger, etc

40:10 Shaan talks about the rolling fund he started with his Twitter followers and others

  • One thing he’s fasciated with is a special ‘clean stove’ target to the third world countries that uses wood pellets instead of coal.
  • It’s 90% cleaner and your home doesn’t smell like dark smoke, cost half as much, and cooks faster
  • They are using the Nescafe model where you get the machine for free but you must pay for the fuel pellets


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