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📸 Mint millions with AI stock photos, Substack for video, collaborative search engines & more...

Including idea recaps from My First Million podcast episodes 131 & 132


Wes Kimbell

Dec 01 2020

4 mins read


Welcome to Everyday Startup, a weekly newsletter all about bootstrappable startup ideas and trends. We bring together ideas and strategies from all over the internet including My First Million podcast. 

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Weekly roundup of startup ideas & trends…


👩‍💻 Figma for Browsers - Collaborative search engine (36:10)

(Source: My First Million #131)

Figma is a new type of design app valued at $1 billion that puts Photoshop on the internet so it’s collaborative. It’s also called collaborative software.

Front and Missive are types of collaborative software as email apps. These apps allow teams to share inboxes and privately comment on emails and assign them to individual people or teams. I’ve been using Missive App for about three years now and it is an absolute game changer for our business. It’s the perfect tool for working with remote teams in my opinion.

Shaan asked himself, which of the apps I have on my phone and computer could be converted to a collaborative software, much like Figma and Front? He thinks the best idea is internet browsers. Basically, it would be a shared browser tab you have with colleagues or friends. Sam is skeptical of this idea but he loves the framework of figuring out which app could go “multiplier” or “collaborative”.

Shaan also suggested video editing may also be a good one to turn collaborative.


📹 Substack for video (41:15)

(Source: My First Million #131)

Substack is a very user friendly tool to create a newsletter and website. In fact, it’s what I use for this very newsletter. You can build subscribers and even put up a paywall for specified content. Substack takes a 10% fee of your sales revenue.

What if there was a Substack for video? It could be pre-recorded or live stream based video content. The guys think live streaming is more realistic because it takes quite a bit of work to record and edit video compared to writing a newsletter.

Sam says Rokfin may be doing something like this. Their tagline is “the best way to monetize your content.” According to Sam, Rokfin has 10,000 subscribers that pay them money and have lined up mildly well-known athletes and create blogs for them. For example, Ben Askren (a fighter), puts up a bunch of content before his fights.


🎁 Landing page for e-commerce (44:40)

(Source: My First Million #132)

E-commerce store owners need landing pages for sales, new product launches, etc. But they need a way to make landing pages that connects to Shopify on the back end AND is simple to create and is mobile friendly on the front end.

Most marketers use Click Funnels, Unbounce or Instapages, etc for landing pages but Shaan says ALL of them are terrible for this purpose. Shaan says, “there’s a difference between not existing and not being done well”.

What is needed is a landing page product like Carrd but specifically for e-commerce. Carrd is much simpler than the Click Funnels but Carrd doesn’t quite work well for e-commerce.

“Whoever makes this will print money,” Shaan emphasized on the episode. Sam agrees this would be fantastic. He currently hobbles together Zapier, Woo Commerce, Word, etc and it’s a mess.


📸 AI generated stock photos (5:30)

(Source: My First Million #132)

AI Generated stock photos is a million dollar idea, according to Shaan. The key to competing in this market is having the largest supply possible. This is the competitive advantage in the stock photo game. AI can already generate so many things with only a few inputs, including photos. AI can generate a fake person like at So why not turn this into a stock photo business?

You would have super high margins because you no longer have to pay a royalty fee to photographers.

The downside is when others get into this game it will be a race to the bottom in terms of lower and lower prices until no-one is making money anymore. Shaan thinks customer service could give you an advantage and still thinks there’s something to this startup idea.

Shaan also asked where do you need “stock stuff” that’s not photos or videos? There’s a recent one Shaan found called Sketch Fab which is a platform to publish 3D models. 3D makers can upload their stuff and can sell them. Companies can buy them. Shaan thinks there has to be other niche markets that need stock items that have not been pursued yet.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for next week’s everyday startup ideas…

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