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App that calculates your 'environmental impact' score

Recap of the startup ideas from My First Million Podcast episode #110


Wes Kimbell

Sep 14 2020

2 mins read


Hello hustlers!

Hope you enjoy this recap of the two start up ideas from Kat Cole, COO of Focus Brands and former President of Cinnabon.

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19:30 An app that scores your individual environmental impact.

  • let’s you enter major life decisions and choices and it evaluates and measures your real environmental impact
  • Kat started this but got too busy
  • Shampoo you buy, method of transportation, food choices, etc all calculated
  • This gives you a score
  • You can compare your score to other benchmarks; geographically, socioeconomically, etc
  • You can compete to get a better and better score
  • Would allow you to shift product choices to have a smaller enviro impact
  • Could also make this a ‘health impact’ app, where all your input tells you a ‘health’ score and how you can improve your health based on all the ‘inputs’.
  • Shaan thinks you could start this out as a quiz to see if you can get traction
  • Shaan calls quizzes “bacteria of the internet”.
  • Shaan’s fear is that people would avoid taking this quiz because they know they will do poorly
  • But Shaan also said the market for this is so big it might not matter for the people who avoid taking the quiz because there’s so many that will

30:30 A modern food franchise that’s all about ‘food as pharmacy’ or ‘food as medicine’

  • You get a diagnosis from a network of special doctors that prescribe certain foods
  • For example, you have X diagnosis so you should eat from Food A from this modern food place
  • This may be the future of the food industry; you have outdoor spaced, built for delivery, built for takeout, beat for speed, would have meal kits
  • Make is a franchise so local entrepreneurs can have a part in scaling this new concept on food
  • Make is broadly accessible to all
  • No one is doing this at scale yet

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